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As explained by Forbes Magazine, couple-preneurs (couplepreneurs) are people in a relationship who also own or operate a business together. Although the term is relatively new, the concept is far older. In starting and building a business, couplepreneurs have some unique advantages. At the same time, they also face some unique challenges. At Suivant Consulting, our Atlanta business consultants provide solutions-focused, analytical-driven guidance to entrepreneurs. Our mission is to ensure your success. If you have questions about launching or growing your business, we are more than ready to help. Call us at (770) 651-0603 to schedule a completely confidential initial consultation or schedule through our contact form.

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An Overview of Our Services for Couplepreneurs

We offer a wide range of business services to couplepreneurs in and around Atlanta. Suivant Consulting exists to help people fulfill their dream. Our experience is not confined to any particular industry—we have assisted business owners and entrepreneurs in everything from finance and real estate to health care and nonprofits. Our consultants will help you and your partner form, develop, and scale a world-class business. Among other things, we assist clients with:

  • Formation: A successful business needs the appropriate foundation. Without it, you and your partner will quickly run into problems or limitations. Our Atlanta business consultants help couplepreneurs form business partnership development, partnerships, limited liability company (LLCs), S corporations, and C corporations.
  • Infrastructure: Beyond selecting a legal entity and completing all business formation paperwork, your company also needs the proper infrastructure. We can assist you with core organizational values, personnel issues, and human resources. If you have questions about business infrastructure, our Atlanta consultants can help.
  • Marketing: Marketing is one of the keys to growing a company. We are adept in advising business owners and entrepreneurs in marketing. Among other things, our business consultants have experience with branding, lead generation, customer acquisition, web development, and social media.
  • Operations: A successful business is an efficient business. We help couplepreneurs with the full range of operational issues, including systems, process automation, strategic partnerships, and much more. If you have any questions about improving your business operations, our Atlanta consulting team is more than ready to help.
Every business and organization is different. You and your partner need guidance from a professional who is willing to put in the time, energy, and passion to understand your needs and help you craft the best strategy. With an understanding of unique challenges facing couplepreneurs, Suivant Consulting is your resource for all of your business needs. We are driven by numbers, data, and real world results.

Start Your Business and Harness the Opportunity Ahead

Our Atlanta business consultants have more than five decades of combined expertise in business. We are ready to help you and partner form and grow a successful company. To find out more about what our consulting team can do for you, please call us at (770) 651-0603 or contact us directly online. We assist entrepreneurs in Atlanta and throughout the surrounding communities in North Georgia.