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Best Holiday Gifts For New Entrepreneurs

Building a successful business is one of the most fulfilling things that a person can do. At the same time, it is challenging. New entrepreneurs put in a tremendous amount of time and energy. If you have a new entrepreneur in your life, you may be trying to find the right gift for them this holiday season. At Suivant Consulting, we are proud to support business owners and entrepreneurs. Here, we have put together some of the top holiday gifts for new entrepreneurs for 2021. 

Five Outstanding Gifts for New Entrepreneurs this Holiday Season

1. Dimux Coffee Mug Warmer

Many great businesses have been built on coffee. If the new entrepreneur in your life is a coffee lover, then the Demux coffee mug (and electric beverage) warmer may be the right gift this year. With a built-in gravity induction heating system, there is no need to turn the product on. Once a mug is placed on the top, it will automatically warm up to the appropriate temperature. It is great for keeping coffee, tea, and other hot beverages at the ideal temperature. 

How this Product is Useful for Entrepreneurs: Building and running a business takes a lot of time and energy—especially in the initial stages. It is not uncommon for new entrepreneurs to get pulled away to deal with unexpected issues. No one wants to return to their desk only to find a cold cup of coffee or tea waiting for them. The Dimux coffee mug warmer will keep their drink perfect even if they get distracted.

2. Garmin Rugged Watch

The Garmin Rugged Watch is another immensely popular gift for new entrepreneurs in 2021. Built to meet the standards of the United States military, this watch will help to ensure that the entrepreneur in your life will never miss a meeting. It has a sleek and stylish design that works well across a wide range of professional industries.

How this Product is Useful for Entrepreneurs: With a style that works in formal office settings and the reliability to withstand even the toughest environments, the Garmin Rugged Watch is perfect for new entrepreneurs who are on the go and need to keep careful track of their time. It is the watch that every active business owner should have this holiday season. 

3. Panda Planner

Building a great business requires an enormous amount of planning. The Panda Planner Pro has been named the best modern day planner on the market. It is well-designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs: 

  • Stay organized; and 
  • Increase productivity. 

How this Product is Useful for Entrepreneurs: When building a new business, organization is critically important. The Panda Planner is specially designed to meet the needs of entrepreneurs. It has daily, weekly, and monthly overviews to help new entrepreneurs track overlapping goals. The Panda Planner helps entrepreneurs keep their objectives clear.

4. 12.9 Inch Apple iPad Pro

For the tech lovers out there, the 12.9 inch Apple iPad Pro can be a great gift this holiday season. The latest iPad on the market, it is built for high level performance. With ultrafast built-in wifi, the Apple iPad Pro helps business owners and entrepreneurs stay connected—no matter where they are at. It comes equipped with a thunderbolt port to allow for external storage. 

How this Product is Useful for Entrepreneurs: The 12.9 inch Apple iPad pro has been recognized as one of the best tablets on the market. At just 1.5 pounds, it is the perfect product for a new entrepreneur who is on the move but still needs the connection and performance offered by high-end tablets. With a 10-hour battery life, it can last new entrepreneurs throughout the workday. 

5. 2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop: M1 Chip

Even business owners with a brick-and-mortar location in a more traditional industry still often rely on technology. The 2020 Apple MacBook Air Laptop: M1 Chip is an excellent choice for people looking for a new, lightweight computer for the entrepreneur in their life. 

How this Product is Useful for Entrepreneurs: Similar to the iPad pro, Apple’s latest MacBook air is light (2.8 pounds) and high performance—making it an excellent choice for entrepreneurs. New business owners can benefit from the latest M1 chip, which delivers 3.5 better performance while also using significantly less power. The 16 hours of battery life is ideal for busy entrepreneurs. 

New Entrepreneurs Can Benefit from a Strong Infrastructure

It is a lot easier for a new entrepreneur to build a successful business or organization when they have a strong infrastructure in place. In this context, infrastructure is best understood as the facilities, resources, and systems that promote functionality. Put another way, a strong and supportive infrastructure can help to put new entrepreneurs in the best position to thrive. Products can be very useful. A Panda Planner helps to keep a business owner organized. A MacBook air laptop can ensure that they have the on-the-go technology that they need. Beyond that, professional guidance, including from an outside consultant, can also provide some much needed support. 

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