Why choose Suivant?

We go beyond fan fair and well-crafted sales pitches and immediately dig into the real-world results that define success. We focus on numbers, analytics, client feedback, performance, and attitude. We know what it takes to be a top tier organization, and we translate those values into your organization. Helping you transcend your limitations is our specialty. We are your consulting, coach, but most importantly, we are your partners in legacy.


Why we exist

Suivant exists to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in their dream of building a world-class business. We have a laser focus on senior and executive-level experts reaching a pivotal transition point in their careers. "Suivant" is the French word for "next" when translated into English. Our experienced professionals are here to ensure that your business, brand, and legacy are cared for with the greatest attentional to detail and passion. We realize the magnitude of the step you are about to take, and we embrace the challenge of proving to you that we are the partner of choice. Our team of executives boasts a combined 50+ years of business experience. We are proven. We have successfully built businesses, and we look forward to assisting you in developing yours.
Our People

Driven by impact, resulting in passion and commitment

We understand the ins and outs of scaling an existing business as well as establishing a new brand in the fast-paced US economy. Our primary goal is to ensure your success in business.

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